CNC Router for Sale, 3 Axis CNC Signage Router, 220V, Easy Clamp Table, 3kW 2000×3000mm Working Size in Edenvale, Gauteng for sale

CNC Router for Sale, 3 Axis CNC Signage Router, 220V,
CNC Router for Sale, 3 Axis CNC Signage Router, 220V,
CNC Router for Sale, 3 Axis CNC Signage Router, 220V,
CNC Router for Sale, 3 Axis CNC Signage Router, 220V,

EasyRoute 2000×3000 3kW CNC Sign-Making Router, 220V, Water Cooled Spindle, Clamping Table (New) SKU:R-2030C/30- R154999
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The clamping table in this router is specially made to clamp any material that is not harder than copper and aluminum plates and can get them machined with ease. Some of its enticing features include:
It works on 220V electricity, that is on hand in every household;
It provides the largest working area;
It has great speed, exactness and torque for a product in its class.
All our products are of industrial quality and best for industry use, so you do not have to worry about its quality, reliability and efficiency. For more information, please check the information page: # 
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If you want to use this CNC Sign Making Routering Machine for 3D engraving, there is good news for you. It comes with a T-Slot clamping table which is particularly suitable to time-consuming 3D engraving.
It comes with a 3kW brushless spindle that is designed for water cooling. A generic submersible water pump is included with it.
To make things easier for you, we also give you four sizes of ER20 collets and adapters free of charge when you buy our 3 axis CNC Signage Business Routering Machine.
The use of a standard ER20 collet in it makes it possible for you to use all sizes of tool bits by just using a corresponding collet.
What's more we have taken care of the lubrication needs of the various parts of the machine with our one push lubrication system. All you need to do it push the engine lever once a week and the lubricating oil will reach all the parts of the machine that need to be lubricated. The best thing is that our CNC Sign making Machine is easy to use and easy to maintain - saving you a lot of hassle.
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